My Dazzling ☔️ Umbrella and taking God seriously at His Word.


One thing I’ve learned recently is that often I don’t cover myself as I should. Here in the Middle East, dress is modest and covering up is essential.  I’m talking about a different kind of covering, one that has supernatural means.  Let me explain.

Getting up in the morning I take my shower, dress and go about my day. Rarely do I meditate or give what I wear a lot of time or thought unless I have a special occasion and…..I’m not even sure I own an umbrella!

Not every day is a special occasion…..maybe it should be!!  Rain and storms are few and in between where I live.  This particular storm blew into our lives without warning on a normal sunny day.

What I’m trying to say is that every day is His anyways – let’s treat it as such. It’s special because He made it, the sun doesn’t always shine and realistically clouds and heavy rains do move in from time to time in our spiritual lives.  In every season though, the day remains to be His. As such, the light of our Christ filled lives must shine bright in a world filled with darkness. Eph 5:9

Are we prepared?

I wasn’t!

Our world is full of unpredictability – no day is as the one before it. With this in mind, we need to ready ourselves taking steps to include what our Heavenly Father says to put on.  I like to call it my dazzling umbrella ☔️. It’s accessible and strong because it’s made by God therefore will more than adequately cover and protect me in any storm.

We recently came through a time of testing, a storm where we relied solely on God knowing full well He was the only One able to shelter and bring us to the other side safely.

We have a fierce enemy and rival who prowls around waiting for his next opportunity Lk 4:13 –  to strike and that is why we must be inclined to preparation.
Not running for cover but standing assuredly knowing we are covered and protected by God.

I usually go about my days with no consideration to Ephesians 6, especially the verses 10-18 that direct us on how to fight an enemy that can be relentless. This storm, however, had my attention and made me sharply aware it was time to take God seriously at His Word.



As affective Christians, harassment just comes with the territory and so we must not allow ourselves to become complacent. Never did I hold onto those verses and my godly umbrella  ☔️ as firmly as when we were in the midst of the whirlwind and deluge that came upon us out of nowhere exactly one month ago.
We didn’t expect it – going about our sun shiny days as usual without a cloud in the sky nor hints of what was ahead. That mighty whirlwind made its way into our lives and like an edge of your seat episode of Survivor – we were blindsided.

One thing we all know is that God wants us to be brave and strong with a reminder to adorn ourselves with His Heavenly Armour.   It fits perfectly!
The struggle isn’t set up against flesh and blood but against nefarious forces that rule and regulate the invisible realm. These dark powers and evil spirits hover in heavenly places. So we dress ourselves with every item custom tailored by God to resist and weather any change in temperature and environment.
We determine to stand our ground wearing a beautiful sash of authenticity complete with a bulletproof vest embroidered with Righteous and Chosen.
God has groomed us with the Gospel of Peace. In the camp of the enemy we follow the feet of our Saviour and continue to bear glad tidings.  Is 52:7
Finally, we buffer and position ourselves with faith, confidence and conviction against those arrows crafted by an adversary that ferociously opposes us.
We wear our redemption securely knowing who and whose we are.
With that certainty in mind fears and anxieties that easily assail fall to the ground. ☔️

We speak boldly using His Word/s in the power of the Spirit qualifying us for any matter, coincidence or crisis.

Be fearless, courageous and self assured, sisters, so that when the next downpour comes you’re dressed in His Heavenly Armour uniquely fashioned with exquisite detail by our Heavenly Designer.  You may just stumble upon your own dazzling umbrella☔️

My first….

I am very new to blogging but have always wanted to write, encourage and champion my fellow sisters in Christ as we sojourn through Life together. I may have a daily inspiration to share or a struggle I’m wrestling through with God. I hope to stimulate you spiritually, strengthen you with God’s Word and remind us all of who we are and whose we are. Lastly, I’d Iike this space to bring refreshing sprinkled with a bit of cheer and comfort and who doesn’t need that on a daily basis?! I know I do!

My name is Gabriela which means strength in God. I live in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and have been here for 13 years along with my husband who is a Captain on the A380 Airbus.  I have one grown daughter who is 23 and 2 fur babies named Pebbles and Chanel who form our extended family.



I don’t know all the answers to life’s questions, challenges, heartaches and struggles but with Jesus with me/us, beside me/us and in me/us the possibilities are endless!

What I do know is that I love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind and strength and that He truly is My Constant❤️

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